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Kidz Clinic | Managing Disorders

Identifying and Managing Paediatric Disorders that benefit from Physiotherapy

Kidz Clinic Physiotherapy is a specialist clinic for children, adolescents and young adults. The clinic provides assessment, management and education on hypermobility disorders (“double- jointed”), juvenile arthritis, sporting injuries, growth spurt injuries, infant torticollis (head shape), coordination disorders, childhood obesity, and back and neck pain.

Kidz Clinic also provides programs for children recovering from chronic illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome or glandular fever.

Importance of parental participation

At Kidz Clinic, parents are encouraged to participate with their children while being supervised with specialist Physiotherapy.

Importance of home exercises

Kidz Clinic places particular emphasis on the importance of home exercise programs. Specialist Physiotherapists teach the children specific techniques including stretches, exercises and proprioception to reduce the likelihood of recurrent problems.

Self management – Helping children to keep control of their condition

Kidz Clinic’s specialist Physiotherapists help children to feel in control of their condition/disorder and feel confident in self management as well. This approach helps children become more able to manage their condition (with parent help) at home.

How many specialist physiotherapy sessions will my child need?

Specialist Physiotherapy consultations and sessions at Kidz Clinic aim to help children reach a level of competence where they may only require future Physiotherapy when new problems or new areas of pain arise. Kidz clinic helps provide the child with the best chance for improved quality of life enabling them to keep up with their peers and improve normal activities of daily living.

Coordination problems

Identifying and Managing Child Coordination Problems

Coordination problems are linked with neurodevelopmental delays or as a result of pure musculoskeletal issues.

In many cases the child has no neurodevelopmental issues but rather they have muscular weakness and reduced core stability as a result of excessive flexibility.

This can be very frustrating for a child because it makes it difficult to keep up with peers in the playground.

Management of hypermobility includes:

  • Developing core and pelvic stability
  • Improvement gait, running and hand-eye (ball) skills
  • Early intervention is always beneficial but it is never too late to improve coordination.

At Kidz Clinic the specialist Physiotherapy programs aimed at improving coordination help improve self esteem, activity levels and interaction with peers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Kidz Clinic at 0439 463 579.