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Emergency Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Care at Perth Sports Injury Clinic

After Hours Chiropractic Treatment

If you have a muscle spasm and joint pain and feel like you need a chiropractor after hours then call us for help today.

We have Chiropractors and Physiotherapists available to help when you need it most! After hours Chiropractic in Perth can give you the right advice and a professional level of care any day of the week.

Injured yourself lifting? Twisting? Playing on your child’s Christmas present? We can help.

Chiropractic care can help with:
* Neck Pain
* Back Pain
* Headaches & Migraines
* Slipped disc injuries
* Sciatic pain
* Vertigo
…….and much more

Physiotherapy can help with:
* Muscle strains and sprains
* Back pain
* Neck & shoulder pain
* Headaches, migraines and vertigo
* Ligament pain/damage
* Repetitive Strain Injuries
……..and much more

If you need urgent Chiropractic or Physiotherapy care outside of these hours- we are able to attend emergency/home visit appointments on an ‘as needed’ basis. Please Note- this will incur an after hours AND travel fee.

Call Perth Sports Injury Clinic on 9383 7882.

Weekend warriors and helpful mates are sore losers when it comes to neck and back pain . . .

The majority of our after-hours calls come from the poor folk that try to do a good turn for mates, helping out on the weekend. The neck and back problems are often the result of making the body do things it’s not accustomed to. This places strain on the spine and surrounding ligaments, and tissue leading to spinal dysfunction, phases of degenerative change and pain.

After hours chiropractic assessment, diagnosis and treatment for back and neck pain

Chiropractors comprehensively provide assessments for back and neck pain to determine the right approach to care, treatment and relief of symptoms. A history of pain that recurs may not necessarily be more complex than an initial first bout of neck or back pain and so the chiropractor will specifically target questions to help find the root cause and reason for pain.

A diagnosis of after-hours back pain can be made with an explanation of the condition, any contributing factors, likely prognosis, treatment frequency and whether any other studies may be necessary, for example plain film radiographic X-Rays.

Treatment for back pain and sciatica

Often patients will mention the word sciatica, but Chiropractors cannot treat sciatica in its truest form. Through an assessment Chiropractors determine whether symptoms are from sciatica caused by nerve interference or disc pain with special tests. When sciatica is not diagnosed as the cause of back pain or when it is from muscle or joint referral, it is probable that Chiropractic can help patients that day.

Chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic treatment focuses on helping to restore normal joint motion in the spine. Areas of restriction are detected before an adjustment is made. The adjustment moves the restricted region of the spine back to its intended position and is accompanied by an audible “popping” sound which is simply the sound of gas escaping from between the two articulating surfaces.

Other techniques for back pain relief:

Interferential therapy

Electrode pads are used to help ease muscle spasm by contracting and ultimately relaxing the muscles at specific points either between or under the electrode pads. This also retrains the muscles to “fire”, improves metabolism in the area, and has a pain relieving effect by releasing natural opiates called enkephalins. Interferential therapy is used for acute and chronic back pain with staggering effects for our after hours and standard consultation patients.

Therapeutic ultrasound

Apart from being used for diagnostic purposes, Ultrasound Therapy can also be effectively applied for recovery and rehabilitation. The effect of ultrasound and the harnessing of sound waves to increase metabolism in damaged areas helps improve the healing ability and blood flow. It is very useful for tendon and ligament strains like those experienced with back pain. The back spasm and facet joint restriction usually involves interspinous and supraspinous ligaments, multifidi muscles and intertransversari ligaments which respond well to therapeutic ultrasound.

Sports injury clinic rehab is provided at our facilities, where we use inversion tables, back distraction machines and core stability exercises. Patients are usually expected to arrive early and perform their exercises before a treatment and perform exercises after a treatment.

In instances where Chiropractic patients need further studies, our Medical Practitioners can refer patients for MRI, CT, Diagnostic Ultrasound and other tests. Cortisone, Prolotherapy, Biomesotherapy and Hypnotherapy are also services provided by our Medical Practitioners.