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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Man at keyboard with wrist pain

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain affects many individuals and has a number of contributing factors linked to its onset, symptoms and severity. To help understand causes of wrist pain we have broken down the explanation of acute and chronic wrist pain and some further sub-divisions.

Acute Wrist Pain, Acute Strain or Injury

When we play sport, there is always a risk of injury and the wrists are no exception. Acute trauma and injuries to the wrists are particularly common in the following sports:

  • Rugby
  • Martial arts
  • Football (Australian Rules footy)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the mechanism of injury in acute wrist pain?

Injured wrists usually occur from a fall on an outstretched hand, where the palm hits the surface and the weight of the body transfers down through the wrist bones (carpals). There are two rows of eight wrist bones which sit between the forearm and hand. The most common bone in the wrist to fracture is the Scaphoid bone.

How can I tell if the wrist bone is fractured?

Your Chiropractor can use assessment and referral for a plain film radiograph if indicated to help rule out fracture.

What treatment is there for a wrist fracture?

If the wrist is broken or a bone is fractured then immediate referral to a hospital or health specialist in that filed may be necessary. Your Chiropractor will advise and in most cases surgical intervention may be necessary at hospital.

Chronic wrist pain that is localised and definitely comes from the wrist with no referral or radiation from other structures is commonly due to overuse and or awkward strain placed on the joints in that area.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so named because of the entrapment of the nerves as they pass through the wrist’s “carpal tunnel” is caused by overuse. The nerves that pass through the carpal tunnel become aggravated by reduced space, inflammation and or muscle contraction.

What is the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Your health professional will advise the best approach to treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome based on a number of individual factors. Some forms of therapy may include:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Interferferential therapy
  • Specific strengthening and release techniques
  • Rehab exercises

Want to Learn More?

At Perth Sports Injury Clinic our Chiropractors work in co-management with our Physiotherapists for conditions including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For help, advice and treatment please call for an appointment.

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