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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions, facts and miscellaneous bits chiropractors are often asked…

I get back pain, but why’d it happen?

Maybe a list a long as your arm still wouldn’t tell us exactly why you may be experiencing pain. However, by process of elimination and thorough chiropractic testing the most obvious and likely causes are usually found. In rare instances when there is no definitive diagnosis of the presenting symptoms, further testing is required in the form of scan’s and / or specialist referral.

I’m in a lot of pain, my back feels way out, is there anything I can do at home in-between Chiropractic treatment programs to ease the pain and discomfort?

Woman exercisingIf you’re getting back pain when sitting down and it’s easier standing up, or you have to bend down by sticking your bottom out like a giraffe because it’s impossible to bend the back, then a back brace may be a sensible option to protect the spine while working on core strength exercises.

Another helpful tip is keeping a pillow underneath the knees while lying down on your back or in-between your knees when lying on your side to make sleeping easier.

I’ve been flying in and out for work, having to get used to different pillows and beds. Do you have any recommendations?

Chiropractor holding contoured pillowIt doesn’t make sleeping easier having a FIFO job, but it’s recommended to keep a decent pillow both at work on-site, as well as a decent pillow at home.

When you think about it, we sleep for one third of a lifetime so investing a hundred bucks in a contoured memory foam pillow is really small change for the ROI you’ll get after just a few days sleep not to mention the other important benefits of a “decent pillow.” Visit our Perth Chiropractic clinic and we can show you some great contoured memory foam pillows.

I can’t tie my shoes up, have to lift my leg up onto my thigh, can’t sneeze, can’t cough because of the fear of immense pain and discomfort. At the best of times If you ask my wife, I can’t do anything right – I feel helpless, even if there was a fire I couldn’t shift myself to safety, what has happened to me doc?

Leg stretchesPart of the rich tapestry of life are the ups and downs of social and domestic life, but joking aside sometimes severe back pain can render us helpless and no amount of effort can force your back to play nice before it’s ready and feels like it’s being taken notice of.

To reduce the likelihood of back pain from raising these kinds of issues again it must be down to you to seek appropriate help, advice and therapy. Chiropractors and Exercise Physiologists at Perth Sports Injury Clinic are best placed to provide preventative therapy for your back and other areas, making the chances of occurrence of back pain and neck pain less likely.

Driving my car is a challenge and it’s getting a bit dangerous, as I can’t turn my head far enough to look over the blind spot. This week I could have had a few very close shaves and I don’t mean with a Gillette Mach 3.

Chiropractic neck strength testGood to know there are other drivers that do actually take the effort to use their blind spot…but not being able to turn your head is dangerous. Our neck’s are designed to function fully with no limits to normal ranges of motion.

Exercises from a Perth Sports Injury Clinic Exercise Physiologist can help when used as prescribed. In combination with Chiropractic adjustment therapy a full return to normal ranges of movement in the neck are likely in the majority of cases.

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