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Graston Technique

At Perth Sports Injury Clinic, we feature the Graston Technique, which provides a broad range of benefits. It decreases inflammation, breaks up scar tissue, boosts your range of motion and flexibility and returns your muscles to their normal function.
The Graston Technique is ideal for treating chronic muscle tightness (occurs for more than six months) that hasn’t responded to other muscle treatments such as dry needling, deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy.

How It Works

Graston Instrument

Our stainless steel instruments allow us to access the deeper, more significant soft tissue problems.

Your practitioner utilises a tool called the STMfish, which identifies muscle adhesions, then is applied along the muscle fibres using short, sharp strokes. These adhesions are areas where the fibres in the muscle have bunched together, forming lumps or bumps. With the tool, your body can release the tight muscles and adhesions, promoting blood circulation, flushing out toxins, repairing tissue and allowing your body to heal.
After treatment, it’s normal to experience localised redness or soreness. It indicates that inflammation is present and that your healing response has begun.

Contraindications for Graston Technique

We don’t apply the STMfish to:

  • Areas such as the carotid artery, where pressure can cause health risks
  • Regions of infection in the skin, soft tissue or bone tissue
  • Open wounds, abrasions or burns
  • Haematomas
  • Areas of vascular disease or inflammation
  • Those who have altered tissue response to an injury such as keloid scarring or myositis

We’ll discuss whether the treatment is appropriate for you, making sure that you don’t have disorders that affect your vascular or lymphatic systems, immune system, connective tissues or take medications that affect blood clotting,
Extra caution will be exercised when using the STMfish on patients who are pregnant, hypertensive, and have skin lesions or growths.

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