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Leg Raise

Leg raises are the defining exercise to assess whether a client has the core strength to withstand injury and forces on the lower back. They are used more to assess whether a patient or client is at an advanced core fitness level rather than being used for an exercise.

Having both legs straight out in front while lying supine on the floor places excessive strain o the lower back but should be manageable for people that have strong and adequate core strength. This exercise is not recommended as an exercise, your Perth Sports Injury Clinic personal trainer will help decide whether a client is ready to test for this.

Leg Raise

Step 1 – Lay on the floor with your hands by your side. Legs can be flexed for beginners and extended for a more advanced exercise.

Leg Raise

Step 2 – Raise your legs as high as possible without lifting up your lower back from the ground. Make sure this is done slow and controlled.

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